Natural Farming Awareness and Kitchen/Roof Garden demo – session on 4th May at Nanganallur

Chennai Green Commune along with O2 Farms, SK Organic and Mind Body Academy organized a natural farming awareness session titled "Poison free Food For Everyone – Become Urban Farmer in Concrete Jungle" on 4th May at Nanganallur. Around 45 participants had gathered by 2.00 pm. The session started with divine invocation, a brief introduction followed by speeches of Thiru.Nel.Jeyaraman and Thiru.Go.Sitthar. At the end of the session Prakash, member of Chennai Green Commune, demonstrated setting up a roof garden in the natural farming method. Jayaraman, a consumer forum activist and a natural farming evangelist has dedicated himself to the task of preserving native rice varieties following the advice of Thiru.Nammazhvar, the natural farming scientist.

Four important points that I learnt from his two hours speech are:

  • There are only two most reliable spoons in this world – your hands
  • There is only one best doctor in this world – your body
  • There is only one best place to get healthy food in this world – your home
  • There is only one best water purifier in this world – sand

What is the right decision?

  • Eat fresh, raw food with minimal cooking to the extent possible
  • Eat only when hungry (Forget about time and eat only when your body asks for energy)
  • Eat what is appropriate to your body, to your environment – appropriate food changes based on the seasons too
  • Practice simple life style and not be worried about luxuries too much
  • Learn the right combination of food (mitran/satru) – for example, Goose berry and curd are not to be taken together
  • Grown your own food or procure foods grown through natural farming methods