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Become Urban Farmer in Concrete Jungle


Organic School Project reconnects our children to their food source through school and community organic gardens. Through that reconnection, we help children eat smarter.


Our passionate and informed speakers will impart a lot of good food for thought, but will largely be providing practical skills to help you lead a more local organic lifestyle.


Experience organic growing in practice with unlimited free admission to chennai green commune Organic's demonstration gardens.


Support Garden Organic's work by becoming a chennai green commune Organic member and enable research into innovative organic growing techniques.

What We Do

Earth's capacities, patterns and rhythms

Green Commune is a step forward in promoting agrarian communities and developing simple living solutions.
Seeking creative solutions for a sustainable future!
Become Urban Garden in Concrete Jungle
Produce Poison free food for Family and Friends
In 2 years, 350.org was able to garner a movement like this. That's inspirational!!!

Case Studies of Our Projects

"The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings."

Sacred Trees of Chennai

Documentation & Propagation of more then 360 sacred trees in and around Chennai.rees being nature’s
major processors of
solar energy

Save Our Rice

Save our traditional South Indian Traditional and highly medicinal property native rice varieties Consume
Our Traditional rice

Community Native Seed bank

Pure native seeds and their inherent legendary genetics are
complete. Withstanding the
test of time.

Workshop & Training

Natural Farming Awareness and Kitchen/Roof Garden demo – session
on 4th May at